SodaStream Play

Would PLAY have been possible before SOURCE? After great success with the award-winning Source soda maker, we wanted to make the latest design all about creative customization in the avant kitchen. Behind its bright colors, minimal geometry and affordable price, PLAY offers inside and outside innovation. SodaStream is about the 21st century notions we have grown accustomed to: “just in time” delivery and “do it yourself” empowerment, combined with sustainable ways of consuming. We have just added to the mix the idea of “Play”, because playfulness, while doing what’s right for oneself and for the planet, is simply contagious.


The SodaStream Play identity is brought to life with a bright palette of primary colors. The product’s color palette of yellow, blue and red alongside black, gray and white inspired us to create Mondrian-style compositions. Patterns of customized product became a playful theme at events, in displays and on VIP packaging. The in-store packaging features blocky chunks of bright colors behind full-size product photography. This color-on-color blocking creates impactful shelf presence and a fun way to show the product range. SodaStream Play allows for unique customization both in product and drink concoction.


At the London Design Festival and Salone Milan Design week, SodaStream gave customers the opportunity to “Make It Your Own.” Customers were presented with a mix and match style application that allowed them to fully customize their very own SodaStream Play. The bright colored product parts moved across the screen with a swipe of the finger for easy customization and quick pre-order. A large video display featured an animation of ways to customize your Play, while the customers sampled mixed drinks and mingled amongst the crowd.


The simple shape of the PLAY soda maker expresses the efficiency of the system while making a strong design statement in the kitchen. The combination of matte texture and contrasting smooth reflective areas accentuates the fewer parts the product requires. The square column and extruded plastic base are the foundations of the clean design and geometry. The mechanics have been refined by the Sodastream engineering team: the slider column comes back into its original position automatically after carbonating. The new simplified PLAY carbonating bottle easily locks into a translucent polycarbonate bottle-rest with a single-push motion.


PLAY represents the next in the SOURCE family of high design products for SodaStream. PLAY’s design is approachable, colorful and low cost for further market penetration. PLAY launched at the Design Junction at the London Design Festival aimed at showcasing the new design and colorful palette. The PLAY Soda Lounge was covered in fields of color, stripes stretching from the floor, across tables, up the walls to the ceiling to showcase the 4 different colors. Additionally we created a video to illustrate how the 2-part construction combined with 4 colors allows for true customization for the first time on a kitchen appliance product. For the PLAY launch, we created the experience design, identity, messaging, custom drinks and photography. PLAY Lounge moves on to Milan next.



  • Spark!

    • Silver - SodaStream Play, 2015
  • IDSA

    • Finalist - SodaStream Play, Kitchen, 2015
  • IDA

    • Bronze - SodaStream Play, 2015


  • Salone del Mobile

    • SodaStream MIX
    • April 2015
  • London Design Festival

    • SodaStream Play Soda Lounge
    • London, 2013

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