Opus SoundBed

How can we best set time aside for mental breaks and consistent self-care? While meditation has been shown to alleviate anxiety and promote wellbeing, it can be a challenging practice to learn and stay with. The SoundBed designed for Opus offers an easy experience that only requires the user to lay down comfortably, put on the headset, and experience an immersive sound journey with coordinated body vibrations to support emotional health and alleviate physical tension.

The SoundBed technology, design, and masterfully crafted journeys deliver an effortless self-care experience that can be repeated daily by everyone in the household. Blending new technology with a comfortable modern form for healing and mindfulness, accessible at home, makes the Soundbed the rejuvenating mind and body experience we so need every day.


Using multisensorial and immersive healing, the SoundBed empowers users to care for their emotional health as part of an everyday wellness routine. Opus creates holistic healing journeys through spatial sounds and vibrations—combined with proven healing techniques and practices—that are curated to shift your mental and emotional state in as little as 7 minutes. Engineered to envelop the body like a cocoon, the vibration modules embedded into the triangular bases of the bed have the power to ease the user towards a desired emotional state. The SoundBed can be programmed to produce immersive, vibrating sensations that address the entire body from head to toe or be set to target specific areas.

Our strategy team led the initial discovery phase and helped Opus navigate critical decision-making around the SoundBed's value proposition, features, and functionality. Determining whether the final product would return the highest value as a personal product in peoples’ homes (and paired with self-guided healing and vibration journeys through an app) or in a brick-and-mortar retail environment (guided experience) was also an important milestone that went on to define the product offering.

Through an engaging and interactive Target Persona activity, we further defined a scalable business strategy through the identification of an "extreme user" target audience that we labeled “biohacker”. We find that learning from early adopters of new technologies facilitates design that defines new categories, in this case, it also created a bridge to conscious leaders in the greater wellness space.


When in use, the firm and supportive bed sits atop a base of repeating triangles. Hiding its technology and accessories inside its prismatic legs, the segmented geometry rolls into a compact hexagonal form that can be easily transported or stored away. We designed the Soundbed to be a beautiful usable furniture piece in any environment. It can be left opened and used as a seat or daybed, or smartly rolled for easy transport or storage.

Its geometric form factor creates a unique furniture object with discrete technology hidden within its core. Opus’ SoundBed is a prime example of intuitive product design that is well-tailored for contemporary interiors. Its modern and clean lines add to its appeal, complementing and fitting it into any living space.

The SoundBed's colors and materials are designed to be at home in contemporary interiors. Taking cues from refined furniture the understated palette of softened natural tones creates a relaxing backdrop for the Opus experience, free from distracting elements. The quilted mattress cover is made with a 3D knitted textile for technical performance and tactility in an elegant taupe color with a coordinating pillow. The mattress is paired with a base in a warm, neutral plum for a rich, unexpected visual that’s subtle but inviting.

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