Functionland: Pioneering a Decentralized Data Storage Alternative

Fuseproject is excited to announce our collaboration with Functionland to develop FxBlox, a pioneering decentralized data storage device. Until now, consumers had just two options for storing their data — physical hard drives that are prone to mechanical failure and data loss, and costly cloud subscription services that require users to give up control over their data. FxBlox is the first in a new category of products that offer an alternative to existing data storage solutions.


Fuseproject identified an opportunity to catalyze a cultural shift around decentralized storage and normalize an emerging technology with a hardworking yet refined device that users are proud to have on display. Premium materials such as an anodized metal satin bead blast finish on the monochrome towers convey precision and quality while tower caps in assorted colors add personality and visual richness that’s unexpected in a functional tech object.

The powerful geometry projects confidence and stability while variations in the CMF of individual towers help to break it up and soften the overall look, making it less rigid and more dynamic and relatable. Natural, pared-down colors and textured materials give the product depth and complexity while also allowing it to fit in any home environment.

The end solution needed to be attractive to tech-savvy early adopters, who are comfortable with DIY solutions and want to be able to customize their products, and accessible for the crypto curious who are interested in data security, but want something that is intuitive to use. Customizing and modifying is core to the culture of this space, so fuseproject designed a modular solution that can evolve along with as technology and users’ needs advance. We created a design language that is upgradable and expandable to accommodate the growing need for more data.

As secure decentralized storage networks grow and individual owners replace big tech, the availability of tangible and accessible solutions becomes paramount. Our collaboration with Functionland on the design of the next gen decentralized storage products is an exciting step towards challenging the cloud storage economy.

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