OpenSeed Iris Meditation Pod

OpenSeed is ushering in a new product experience that provides an escape from the noise and stress of an office environment with a meditation pod. The company partnered with fuseproject and Dr. Deepak Chopra to provide respite care for people right at work: a beautiful and easy-to-deploy meditation pod.

Our design concept, the Iris, brings OpenSeed's vision to life through three core concepts: user experience, lean and modular design, and customization.


The freestanding Iris blends elegantly with any office design and its existing furniture to offer moments of stillness.

Our design concept centers for the workplace meditation pod centers on three key pillars:

User Experience: Blending sound design, guided meditation, lighting, and aromatherapy, the Iris offers a simple and grounded experience within a private, inspiring, and comforting atmosphere designed for relaxation and decompression.

Lean and Modular Design: A simplified structure with impactful design details, reduction of material waste, minimal complexity of assembly, and mindfulness of production and delivery are key to bringing Iris to market. The fabric and wood components for the exterior frame snap together through a tensioning mechanism without additional hardware and thus can be shipped flat to their final destination. Felt serves as an acoustical buffer, and the user can choose between a self-contained sound system or noise-canceling headphones for their experience.

Customization: Recycled wood and wool enable the pod to be sustainably built and recyclable at the end of its life. The felt wall can be customized in different colors and patterns to company style and preferences. It also provides acoustic isolation, structural strength, and a comforting, familiar texture.

The seed-shaped meditation pods incorporate sustainably harvested wood or wood created from manufacturing waste and recycled wool or felt to evoke a sense of calm and a connection to nature.

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