Mission Motors

The challenge was to create a design that would be accepted by motorcycle enthusiasts while also being immediately recognizable as a vehicle fueled by alternative energy. A central goal was not to appear as an ‘eco-toy’ but instead a performance bike augmented by electric power. Ultimately, the bike needed to balance innovation with tradition, overcome the stigma of a silent ride and define what an electric Bike should look like. In addition to the design and development of the physical product, we also created the company name and brand: logo, website, launch display and the entire brand collateral. Mission Motors is an icon for a new era of efficient and exciting vehicles.


Designed to express speed and efficiency in it’s overall sharp lines, the Mission One bike is also highly detailed with special attention to a riders needs, bringing a high level of product design and ergonomics to a new generation of performance transportation. What is absent? no gas-tank, no tail pipe. The top portion of the motorcycle is an iconic continuous line that brings together comfort and performance. What is new? A battery pack enclosed in a lightweight aluminum structure, covered by honeycombed detailed angular skins that integrate all mechanical elements: from the flush front headlight, to the aerodynamic leg recessed cuts.



  • IDEA Award

    • Silver - Mission Motors Mission ONE Sportsbike, Transportation, 2010
  • GOOD Design Award

    • Mission Motors Mission ONE Sportsbike, 2009
  • Spark Award

    • Gold - Mission Motors Mission 'ONE' Sportsbike, 2009
  • Green Dot Award

    • Mission Motors Mission ONE Sportsbike – Transportation, 2009
  • International Design Award

    • Mission Motors Mission ONE Sportsbike - Product Design of the Year

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