Jawbone Era

We see ERA as a command center for our mobile lives, and it starts with liberating our hands! Multitasking is part of our lives. We are engaging with the world in a multi-sensory way, simultaneously talking on the phone and using our hands to type or swipe, walk the dog, or even get dressed and groomed in the morning. Our headsets are used by women and men, for work and leisure, indoors and out. ERA’s design turns complex technology into a wearable personal accessory that is beautiful and minimal. Addressing functional needs for great sound and ergonomics, ERA fulfills emotional needs in a way that is personal, fashionable, and extraordinary.


The ERA brand was revived to reposition the headset and highlight the minimized size of the new product. The headset is positioned on an angle that allows consumers the ability to view the products complete form and scale. Displaying the product in a new and innovative way creates a dramatic impact at shelf while retaining Jawbones’s sophisticated look and feel. The packaging is made from a modeled pulp fiber tray, highlighting and celebrating the eco-friendly materials, which is 97% recyclable by weight. ERA’s premium details are supported in the packaging by utilizing a matte soft-touch finish coupled with an embossed foil treatment. The ERA brand experience is a pure reflection of the product itself, sophisticated and elevated with thoughtful details.


ERA is crafted to be worn. The core challenge that engineering and design teams tackle: to find the perfect balance between user experience and the technology required to enable it. Wearable devices that people will actually wear demand countless explorations of components, geometries, form and fit to deliver an accessory that adds value to our daily experiences, but also spring into action only when needed.

The sixth headset conceived, designed and engineered by Jawbone, it is a new benchmark: miniaturized technology, crafted efficiency, sound and ergonomics have been taken to new heights. With ERA, we first focused on the dramatically small size, designing the technology inside the desired form factor. We created custom batteries to fit the internal volume tightly and designed a smart internal layout that takes advantage of every remaining space inside the cavity. Since our first Jawbone headset, we have been able to shrink the size by four times, making the new ERA 42% smaller than it’s predecessor.



  • IDEA Awards

    • Finalist – Communication Tools, ERA, 2014
    • Finalist – Packaging, ERA, 2014
  • Dieline Awards

    • 1st Place – ERA – Technology, Media, & Self Promotional, 2014
    • Sustainability Award – Sustainable Packaging, 2014
  • CES Innovation Awards

    • Personal Electronics - Jawbone Era, 2012
  • Spark! Awards

    • Gold - Jawbone Era, 2011
    • Gold - Jawbone Era packaging, 2011
  • The Dieline Awards

    • 2nd Place in Electronics - Jawbone ERA packaging, 2011
  • IDEA Award

    • Bronze - Jawbone ERA, 2011
    • Bronze - Jawbone ERA packaging, 2011

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