The future of work

The future of work

For well over a decade now, our partnership with Herman Miller has taken us through important explorations in workplace innovation: from the Leaf Lamp, one of the first LED task lamps, to the globally ubiquitous Sayl Chair, and Public Office Landscape, an office system with collaboration as its core experience. For our most recent collaboration, we ventured into an entirely new space for Herman Miller – the intelligent office.

Live OS is an intelligent office system that promotes physical activity for employees, and provides added functionality to the overall workplace. Herman Miller drew upon our expertise in consumer technologies and user-centered design to support in developing the concept, create a vision for how Live OS can transform workplace experiences, and design the user experience and interactive desk controller.

With sensors in both a chair and desk, Live OS can tell if an employee has been sitting or staying in the same posture for too long. Drawing deeply from Herman Miller’s expertise in ergonomics, the system uses subtle nudges to suggest postural changes for the employee, or a transition from sit-to-stand or back again. And, since Live OS knows how desks are being utilized, it anonymizes and aggregates this data for employers to understand the functionality of their workplace.

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