November 14, 2018

When we were approached by the de Young Museum in San Francisco to create a permanent education gallery in the space, newly named the de Youngsters Studio, we were excited at the prospect of coming up with a new way to engage young people and spark their interest in art and design at such a crucial learning point in their lives. This is a space that offers kids and their caregivers a shared experience to interact, learn and play while absorbing five core artistic concepts: color, composition, shape & form, texture and sculpture. We see this as a unique opportunity to encourage interaction with multiple learning modules in a way that is both physical and leverages technology. And to reflect a museum’s ability to rotate exhibitions and keep the work on display fresh, our goal is to create a journey; one that inspires visitors to return and have a new experience each time.

The result is an authentic and novel way for kids to understand the principles of art in an organic, inspiring setting, and open a dialogue among educators, young people and visitors alike. The space will be officially open to the public on December 1, 2018.

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