Charge it all

Charge it all

Nowadays, we don’t just have to worry about charging our cell phone; we also bring our laptops everywhere, and most people also bring a peripheral device like a tablet with them as well. We worked with a group of expert technologists to develop a device that can charge 3 items simultaneously – in a form factor so small that it fits in your pocket.

We named the brand ‘Zolt’ – bold and electric, with a color palette to match. The octagonal logo is reflective of the signature product, the very small octagonal Zolt Charger, with a distinct ‘Z’ indicator light built directly into its shape. The product itself has a built-in ventilation system to prevent overheating, but it also allows for the device to turn a full 90 degrees after it’s plugged in. Everything down to the packaging was designed to be beautiful, functional, and have a personality of its own.

When you’re on the go, you can forget your bag of chargers to keep you moving – just Zolt and bolt.

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