Kodak Super 8

Super 8, the iconic Kodak film camera, is coming back 50 years after it’s first introduction in 1965. We worked with Kodak to revive the Super 8 camera and film experience, by combining the quality of film people love with digital features and innovations. The new Super 8 is a true hybrid that professional and amateur filmmakers will see as a transformative tool. We live in the digital era, and at same time the traditional craft and quality of analog filmmaking is coming back­. Craft is a passion makers are rediscovering, the sound of the film reel, the texture of the imagery, the technique and attention to detail required to make a beautiful product is now enhanced by digital features we expect.


Our biggest challenge in reviving the Super 8 camera was to enable a seamless filmmaking experience despite the mere size and weight of the internal film cartridges and components. More so, we needed to find a balance between the qualities that filmmakers love from the original camera with the experience of digital technologies and features. We decided to build the camera in an octagonal shape to create a slimming structure around the internals while using durable materials such as bent sheet metal. The texture itself is inspired by Kodak’s signature K-Bug logo, and the film cartridge door has a built-in window on the side. New accessories such as the top handle and removable microphone, the pistol grip and LCD screen, have been designed to integrate ergonomic and practical features to the art of filmmaking.



  • Design Museum London

    • Designs of the Year
    • November 2016

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