SodaStream MIX

The inspiration behind MIX was simple – what if we had the power to carbonate any beverage? With new advanced technology that can calibrate the carbonation for any liquid, even with fruit or pulp, the idea has become a reality. Sparkling martinis, manhattans, coffee, tea…SodaStream MIX opens the door for a new, bubbly world of drinks.

MIX is also the first SodaStream machine to connect to the cloud – with a touch screen that guides users through customizable cocktail and beverage recipes. A corresponding app lets users go social, sharing their favorite recipes with the world.


The brand for Alchemy Lounge was centered around the crossing of the traditional bar and a sense of the futuristic; everything from the white laboratory jumpsuits worn by the mixologists to the copper laced invitations were designed to shift classic bar themes into the future. As the physical space of the lounge utilizes strong elements of copper, and a dark, moody aesthetic, we’ve transcended these themes into the brand assets for the space: invitations, menus, posters, and interior graphics, etc. Ultimately, each element of the space and encompassing brand were fluidly designed to create a sophisticated, and completely unique experience.


MIX is the first SodaStream machine to be connected to the cloud, with a touch screen that lets you peruse recipes and perfectly customize your beverage. The fuseproject XD team conceived the on-device interface and the smartphone mixing app and social gathering place. With an intuitive interface architecture, the screen guides you to select the type of beverage you want to make, the size of bottle you are using, and the level of carbonation you want. Then, it’s one hit of the “Go” button, and MIX does the rest of the work for you.

A corresponding app extends the experience to a broader community and engages people to share and rate other recipes and celebrate Sodastream ‘mixology’. Once a user finds a recipe they like, the connection between app and physical device is seamless, allowing the user to send the recipe directly to the screen on the machine via Bluetooth in one simple interaction.


What makes MIX possible is a technological innovation that perfectly calibrates the liquid inside. Even with ice, fruit or pulp, MIX has the ability to either automatically calibrate, or manually set carbonation intensity, making the perfect beverage for you every time. MIX accommodates any SodaStream bottle size: all 3 of them designed to be an elegant table object. Carbonation and calibration is accomplished through a bright on-device touch screen, beautifully integrated into the design of MIX.

Aesthetically, the machine still maintains the same design language as its Source and Power predecessors – a clean geometry that complements any kitchen environment. A new red color for the screen surrounding area and the rotating mixing arm makes MIX stand out from the range.


To celebrate the unveiling of MIX, we have conceived and designed the Alchemy Lounge – a pop-up mixology bar right in the heart of Teatro Versace during Salone del Mobile, the annual design show in Milan. The idea of magical transformation for all of our familiar drinks is what inspired the structural diamond-like environment. The bar itself is built like a futuristic spacecraft, with symmetric geometry expressed in different materials: copper, plywood, steel rods and mylar. The inside of the bar is cognizant of a laboratory, where guests can order cocktails they have only dreamt about. Completely surrounding the lounge are Versace mirrored walls, adding a sense of infinity to the Alchemy Lounge central environment. The fuseproject Brand team designed the event’s iconography expressed through posters, apparel, promotions, videos and photography.



  • Salone del Mobile

    • Alchemy Lounge
    • April 2015

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