Yoshino Portable Power Station

We’re proud to introduce Yoshino, the world’s most advanced solid-state battery designed by fuseproject. Yoshino pushes the boundaries of energy storage technology with a family of highly-portable battery stations—offering consumers a safe and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, generators and liquid electrolyte lithium-ion batteries. Yoshino and Fuseproject collaborated on the comprehensive design of a four-unit product offering including industrial design, user interface, brand identity, and packaging.


While most power products on the market are technical and masculine in appearance and tone, fuseproject identified an opportunity to design a line of power stations that present less like a tool and more like a lifestyle product. By providing a reliable energy source across a range of contexts—family getaways, outdoor adventures, commercial job sites, emergencies—Yoshino exists as a trusted companion powering everyday activities.

Guided by these insights, we set out to create a scalable design language which would be clearly identifiable throughout Yoshino’s entire product family. Our goal was to design a product that is iconic, safe, reliable, ergonomic, and simple to use and store.


In developing the Yoshino brand, we focused on positioning Yoshino as a green energy company advancing the portable power category. At the heart of the brand identity is the bee symbol representing nature, hard work, and nonstop energy. We reimagined the bee’s form as a hexagon, a symbol of modularity and power that shows up across product touch points including venting ports, carrying strap attachments, the base pads, and the UI design. The brand’s bold geometry and bright color palette signals energy, confidence, and preparedness.


Fuseproject created a scalable design language which would be clearly identifiable across Yoshino’s entire product family. Yoshino’s design signature is a sleek and strong metal handle that forms a continuous band and can wrap vertically or horizontally around the shell. This iconic and ergonomic handle runs the length of each unit, making it easy to pick up and move. A dynamic, angular geometry accentuates power and conveys a stable form. The compact and rugged design has reinforced casing to protect internal components from the elements and impacts during transport. Lastly, a shatterproof and water resistant interface extends the cohesive aesthetic of Yoshino’s product family. This interface is thoughtfully protected by the trim of the face plate or the handlebars.

Our CMF design approach draws inspiration from both outdoors recreation and lifestyle categories with a sophisticated, matte and muted green and gray tones. These were intentionally selected to differentiate Yoshino from the very bright, technical primary color palettes of the battery and power tool category. The focus on high-quality materials, like a metal handle in contrast to the painted finish on competitive products, also convey a durable and premium product.


Fuseproject also designed a bespoke UI instead of using off the shelf design. This ensures an intuitive control panel with easy access to essential functions and real-time, as well as the integration of branded elements like the bee logo symbol into the UI itself.

The protective features, such as the trim of the face plate for the 330 and 660 models and the positioning of the interface underneath the handlebars for the 2000 and 4000 models, demonstrate a thoughtful consideration of the unique characteristics of each product model. These design choices enhance the reliability and robustness of the UI and Yoshino's power stations. Communicating these features effectively to users highlights a commitment to both functionality and durability.

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