Valley of genius

fuseproject was given the unique opportunity to create a cover design for a book that exhaustively tackles the storied history of Silicon Valley; no easy feat. In a world of increasingly digital literary works, it was a design exercise new to us, and one that we were excited to take on. As with any branding effort, it is crucial that the design reflect the essence of the product. A non-traditional approach seemed the most appropriate, which allowed us to experiment with color and material that would immediately catch the reader and create a sense of intrigue at the onset. Silicon Valley: Valley of Genius: The Hackers, Founders, and Freaks who Made it Boom is a captivating story and warranted a cover design to match.


In designing the cover of Valley of Genius: The Hackers, Founders, and Freaks who Made it Boom, we explored the unique design possibilities for print and branding of a literary work. We opted for a visual style that illuminated the narrative of the story so that the design could be directly responsive to the subject nature. The technique involved using metallic inks for a tactile finish and neon coloring reminiscent of a holograph which contrasts the matte paper finish. The composition of the design and text is non-traditional in that it directs the eye left to right as another way to illustrate the complex nature of the topic of the written work and evokes a visualization of Silicon Valley’s exponential growth and trajectory.

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