Unagi Model Eleven

Unagi Model Eleven is the latest evolution in personal scooters to offer a lightweight, foldable, and powerful option for micro-mobility. Our approach to design focuses on delivering an ownable scooter that is robust, smart, comfortable, safe, secure, and playful to a saturated micro-mobility market.

Working with the Oakland-based Unagi, fuseproject designed a truly unique solution for everyday use thanks to Model Eleven's portability, ergonomic design, and safety features. Fully equipped with dual suspension technology for riding on bumpy terrain and obstacle ADAS detection for cars and potholes, Model Eleven offers unparalleled safety features and elevated rider comfort.

Lightweight and portable, the new model is perfect for bringing along on your way to work, home, or public transportation. With fully integrated suspension technology for unparalleled riding comfort and a speaker for music or on-the-go navigation, the scooter achieves a unique balance of high-performance and personalization.


Model Eleven spotlights the innovative use of long carbon fiber composite to deliver strong yet light and malleable shaping. This breakthrough material science allows for the lightest full-suspension (dual) scooter possible while eliminating all extraneous hardware and components to create one continuous form with a smooth transition between the deck and stem. 9-inch rubber tires with replaceable foam inserts support rider safety, ease of use, and comfort.

A 14-mile range swappable battery is stored in the deck compartment, with the charging port and the battery door release lock discretely hidden and locked behind the flip-down tail reflector.

For longer rides, an articulated tab for both hands on the handlebars provide ease of braking and accelerating. At the midway point is a touchscreen user interface display and low-profile (Bluetooth compatible) speaker for on-the-go GPS navigation, audio directions, or music. An LED ring that animates in different colors alerts riders of battery percentage, collision detection, lane departure/motion-sensing, ADAS, signaling, and more.

The scooter is available in five expressive colorways: Nightshade, Desert Sand, Sage, Sweet Lemon, and Stealth Black.

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