Everyone hates to lose their stuff. Especially us creatives! So when Tile partnered with fuseproject for their next series of devices it was a fast and creative partnership. The value of Tile is clear, as we have all lost items of value such as electronics, articles of clothing, or luggage...and we also struggle daily with finding our keys, wallets and phones.

With the Tile team of engineers and developers, we explored new form factors that reflect everyday use cases. For example, what would be the ideal Tile form factor for the worst things to lose, such as a wallet or passport? Or what is the best location for a Tile device stored in a purse or jacket? These are the questions we set out to answer with the design of the new Tile Slim and Tile Mate.


Tile Slim is just over 2 millimeters thick, about the size of two credit cards. The button in the center is embedded in the surface but remains tactile, and its functionality is to wake up the smartphone it’s connected to: when pressed, it will ring the phone to help in finding it. While we wanted Tile Slim to look and feel simple in use, the complexity lies internally – the thin white square is packed with a full-volume speaker, Bluetooth technology, and a battery that lasts for 12 months. We also designed a printed pattern across the surface to give the technology inside a dynamic quality and a branded personal touch.

Tile Mate, a second product configuration, is designed to focus on attaching to keys, purse, bikes or luggage. It’s a small square unit with a keyhole so it can hook to almost anything. Its size is reduced by 25% and it’s updated with refined quality materials and interactions.

The new Tile Style and Tile Sport take this design language a step further, with the addition of a ridged pattern and stainless steel ring. These waterproof styles have added durability and double the Bluetooth range, providing even more value with an attractive and personal style.

These Tile products will increase the millions of Tile app users in the world – if someone in the network passes by a lost item, the location shows up on the owner’s phone. And that means more stories of ‘Lost and Found’ that could have never happened before.



  • International Design Excellence Awards

    • Silver - Tile Mate, Consumer Technology, 2017
  • International Design Awards

    • Gold - Tile Slim, Product Design, 2017
    • Silver - Tile Mate, Product Design, 2017
  • Red Dot

    • Tile Slim, Product, 2017

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