SyCip Local

fuseproject partnered with local bike builder, SyCip, to create the ultimate utility bicycle. The fuseproject bicycle is named LOCAL. At its core, LOCAL is just that: the perfect Neighborhood bike. Over the years, as our lives have become more complicated and full of stuff to take to work or play, our traditional bicycles became less practical. So we designed the LOCAL to address the needs of our daily lives...and to bring back the fun of riding around the neighborhood.


LOCAL is the bike version of the practical pick-up truck: transportation you can live with – it’s utility and function isn’t limited to carrying a laptop or a sixpack. The sturdy, flexible front platform carries the groceries, surfboards, lumber and kids creating an ideal vehicle for a self-powered life. Inspired by the pick-up truck, a uniquely American vehicle that roamed the countryside in the same way that the LOCAL bike roams the streets. This is not a specialized commuter getting you from point A to B, it’s a real workhorse that you can use for nearly anything. For all who have wanted to use a bike for their daily lives and have considered the concept too impractical, we focused on designing a useful tool for a local life, not just fulfilling the needs of one type of individual or grafting on to an existing bike. To address those needs we challenged the existing definition of the “cargo bike”. Existing cargo bikes are large and heavy, or extended front designs that are intimidating to new riders and potentially disconcerting for carrying precious cargo like kids or pets. To realize this idea, we solved for load placement, steering options, ways to secure all kinds of cargo and relieve the hassles usually associated with taking a bike out for the day. We integrated key elements in the bike: locking, lighting and bags. These are things that we would otherwise have to carry separately, but now LOCAL has a place for each.



  • IDEA Awards

    • Finalist – Strategy, Local Bicycle, 2013
  • Green GOOD Design Awards

    • LOCAL Bicycle, 2013
  • GOOD Design Awards

    • LOCAL Bicycle, 2012
  • SPARK! Awards

    • Bronze - LOCAL Bicycle, 2012
  • IDEA Awards

    • Bronze - LOCAL bicycle, 2012

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