Prada Luna Rossa

Our goal was to strike a natural extension into sportswear and Luna Rossa sponsorship; bringing heritage sport into the 21st century with latest technology and performance, without losing Prada sophistication or elegance. Marrying Prada’s heritage of classic styling and the technical underpinnings found in sailing as sport; we immersed ourselves in the visual language of both the fashion house and the world of America’s Cup Sailing. Luna Rossa led us to explore designs that bind classic forms with technological details; highlighting the most advanced materials.


Our design was inspired by Prada’s sophistication and innovation as a heritage brand, drawing inspiration from the tradition & performance inherent in sailing. We wanted the bottle to honor the pursuit of the America’s Cup trophy, one of the oldest and most challenging in the world of sport. The selected materials—metal and glass—balance the heritage of sailing with the innovation that has become an inherent part of the modern quest for the cup. The design is a subtle balance of heritage and innovation, utility and luxury, nature and technology; materiality and form. Cool steel finish signals robust performance, chrome brings a hint of luxury. Our goal was to remain as authentic as possible, highlighting utility by incorporating the cap design as key architectural element, leaving a strong visual impression. Clean lines, contrasting materials. Metal encases glass, reinforcing strength, not hiding it.

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