Mint is an automatic floor-cleaning appliance designed exclusively for hard surface floors. It dusts and wet mops using popular cleaning cloths such as Swiffer brand Dry and Wet cloths and other similar products.

Unlike many other robotic and manual cleaning devices, Mint is designed to integrate into the home environment. More akin to attractive appliances than vacuums or mops, it appeals to the core female audience by breaking from the cliché of tech-heavy design typically associated with this category.

Convenience and simplicity are core to Mint. The product has only 3 single function buttons. Cloths are easily attached to a removable cleaning pad, which snaps back into place magnetically. Once the cloth is attached, Mint is a one-button operation: place it on the floor and press start. Guided by NorthStar technology, Mint cleans systematically, tracking where it cleans.


  • GOOD Design Award, 2010
  • IDEA Award, SIlver, Home Living, 2010
  • Spark Awards, Silver, 2011
  • CES Awards, 2011
  • GOOD Design Award, 2012