Jawbone UP2

Wearable technology is transforming dramatically. We are seeing numerous iterations of wearables, from large displays encased in plastic to watch-like technology on the wrist. In thinking about the convergence of this technology with new form factors, we approach our design work at Jawbone uniquely, with a focus on style and all-day, 24/7 wear. To achieve this with UP2 we focused on three main priorities: size and style, keeping the band as small and as beautiful as possibile; accessibility, ensuring that the band can be integrated into anyone’s life; and creating the most discreet experience possible, eliminating extraneous lights and displays. UP2 provides this in a form that works the best in your life – no flashy screens, no unnecessary buttons and features – “just” a beautiful, stylish, small, comfortable, and truly wearable band.


In order to build brand equity and create a fluid shelf visual identity, we’ve maintained the same design principles as the other wristbands in the UP series – focused on maximizing shelf presence while creating the best possible out-of-box experience. The packaging is an embodiment of the product – sturdy, and with high quality materials. Keeping with a very simple color palette of contrasting black and white, we gave it a bold and expressive presence on the shelf, almost like a billboard. The box looks almost like a display in a museum – you can see quality of the build and the materials through a window, rather than a photographic representation.

Like a sturdy drawer, consumers can also reuse the box: allowing for a secondary life rather than being thrown away. We developed a systematic approach on front of pack for easy way finding. We used a simple chevron graphic, pulled from the app design language, this helps to organize and categorize features for clear differentiation across the UP wearable line of products. The LED icon set embedded into the UP2 is designed as a key to quickly understand what each UP setting has to offer. As there is so much data available to the user, this is a tool used for education, and quick product differentiation by color, shapes and icons.


For the last 2 years, we have focused on fitting the best technology and sensor elements into a smaller form factor than ever before. The UP2 is 45% smaller than our classic UP and UP24 bands, which makes it the lightest and most discreet tracker on the wrist. The technology is tucked inside an anodized aluminum body, and our laser-etched patterning is applied directly onto the surface. We also designed an entirely new buckle and approach to wrist size adjustability, making it truly one-size fits all. Additionally, to avoid flashy screens and displays, we’ve followed a principle that allows notifications to magically appear on the surface of the device. The subtle band vibrations notify our wearers that they have achieved a goal, or that it’s about time to go to bed or wake up. In this way, only the wearer knows what’s going on, not the surrounding company.

While we are starting with iconic black and silver designs, we are ambitiously readying more amazing colors, patterns and materials.



  • SPARK! Awards

    • Gold - UP2, Product Design, 2016
  • Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards

    • Honorable Mention - UP2, Health, 2016
  • Red Dot

    • UP2, Product, 2016
  • International Design Awards

    • Gold - UP2, 2016

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