Jawbone UP MOVE

As Jawbone continues to pioneer wearable technology, consideration is always given to how that technology can be utilized and fully integrated into people’s lives. For some, it’s beautiful bands that look almost like jewelry on the wrist. Others prefer something more discreet, more seamless – not necessarily on the wrist all the time, but something more flexible.

UP MOVE tracks steps the same as the UP and UP24 bands, but can go anywhere on the body – clipped onto your clothing or shoes, alone in your pocket, or on the wrist, enabling sleep tracking. This is a wearable for everyone – and a great entry level device for those new to tracking.


Not everyone wants to wear a band around their wrist 24/7. However, we do know that most people want the insights into their life that wearable technology provides. The strategy around UP Move was to find a way to allow the user who maybe has never worn a wearable, doesn’t want to feel like they are wearing a piece of technology, or wants to wear the product in a variety of ways.

In our research, we found that people in this category want versatility – so our focus became modularity. We wanted to create a product that could be worn in different styles, colors, forms, and ways to clip it onto your body. The result was simple – to create one pod with technology that can be modified into different form factors. This also affected our choice in battery – rechargeable versus replaceable – choosing replaceable as it allows users to get several months of battery life to lessen the amount of time the user needs to spend focusing on the product. Lastly, we found that these users care about personal expression and what they keep on their bodies; this drew us toward bold colors, and further modularity.


The packaging for UP Move is a reflection of the design language consistent with core wrist-wearables from Jawbone – a museum-like display allowing users to glance inside and see, in full form, the quality of the product inside. As the product is modular, the base packaging consists of the pod and clip, but with a free voucher to obtain a band of choice to match the user’s personal style. Using only recyclable materials, the UP Move packaging is meant to be as sustainable as possible, utilizing only necessary materials to beautifully showcase the product on the shelf. Overall, the brand identity has been carried through each UP product for consistency and product recognition.


The core of UP move is the pod – a TR90 nylon, compact, circular piece that fits into your pocket, or the corresponding clips or bands. The pod is waterproof with patterned etching on top – different patterns depending on color, but all divided by 12 sections with discreet LED lights to tell time with the push of an invisible button on top. The clips and bands come in a variety of bright colors to allow for customization, allowing you to pick and choose to match your style. TPU rubber material maximizes flexibility of use – it’s comfortable for sleep, and sweat resistant for your workouts. A unique side entry clasp was designed to allow for it to be one-size-fits-all. The band, clasp, and opening area are made of different materials, but manufactured in the same mold - making it a cost effective and integrated solution in one part. With a replaceable battery that lasts for months at a time, UP Move is a seamless product to integrate into your life.



  • Red Dot

    • UP MOVE, Product, 2015
  • IDSA

    • Finalist - UP MOVE, Sports, Leisure & Recreation, 2015
  • IDA

    • Bronze - UP MOVE, 2015

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