Issey Miyake VUE

Our collaboration with cult designer Issey Miyake on the VUE timepiece and packaging was about creating a new experience of time. The initial inspiration was to express the passing of time, it’s appearance and disappearance in our lives. By seeing only the current hour, while the others fade in and out of the background dial color, reminds the wearer of the time that has passed, and the future that is coming.


The technical resolution of this magical effect is a disc hour hand with partial arc slits. Only the current hour is shown while the others are kept out of sight. As the hour markers fade in and out of view, one sees the present becoming the past and the future becoming the present. VUE is constructed with an innovative glass top cylinder supported by a stainless steel chassis. The result is a unique view into the dial and numbers from the side of the watch as well as the top. The glass gives the watch a visual lightness and playfulness, as reflections and light bounce from top to sides.



  • GOOD Design Awards

    • Issey Miyake VUE, 2011
  • The Dieline Awards

    • 2nd Place in Accessories - Issey Miyake VUE packaging, 2011
  • Spark Award

    • Bronze - Issey Miyake VUE, 2010


  • Mudac

    • Telling Time
    • 2015

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