Anyone in the design industry knows how important your network is – and the network we as designers have been relying upon is the Industrial Designers Society of America. IDSA is a significant tool to understand the important contemporary and historic ideas in design. It is also a reference for all designers when it comes to getting design news, meet other designers, and applying for IDEA – the design award by designers, for designers.

What IDSA means now is dramatically different than when it started. With designers working across disciplines, and across the globe, it became clear that the organization needed to revisit its brand to encompass a more holistic vision of design. We worked with IDSA to rebrand IDEA and redesign the trophy in order to reflect the evolving industry it celebrates.


We added weight and structure to the individual letters of IDEA, each a representation of the different disciplines of design. The magic is in how these come together, just like a design solution is a beautiful puzzle, where each piece can stand on its own, but where they work better together. The color scheme is influenced by the built world around us - bright and playful. With the ability to separate and combine the colorful letters, the brand identity is also able to remain flexibility for collateral, such as campaigns and swag, allowing it to fluctuate as the design industry itself would.


The IDEA trophy is the pure physical manifestation of this branding concept. Each letter assembles together into a perfect cube, as a nod to the playfulness and iterative process of design. This trophy is truly symbolic of the award – an award with which designers from across the globe and a range of design practices can celebrate and play with. While the trophy will come in gold, silver, bronze, and special colors for special awards, the grand prize will be beautifully multicolored – a standout trophy unlike anything else.

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