FORME Life set out to innovate both where and how personal fitness is done. What at first appears to be a six-foot, full-length mirror transforms, in an instant, into an all-in-one gym portal, bringing an array of physical and mental wellness classes right to your home. Personalized programs feature activities from interval training and kickboxing to barre, yoga and guided meditation.

When the machine is turned on, interactive instructors appear within the mirror to guide users through each motion and motivate their success. Its weight-simulating accessories and adjustable arms remove the intimidation and limited functionality of traditional resistance devices, and also track users’ progress in-app and across FORME’S own social community. In this way, the FORME Life system combines the best of conventional and boutique fitness in a single experience, mixing the convenience of home workouts with the liveliness and stimulation of one-on-one and group sessions.

And when turned off, FORME’S sleek, matte grey design so seamlessly melds into the rest of the home that it may barely register as a piece of fitness equipment at all. Users can mount the device on the wall or position it upright on its stand. Meanwhile, the extruded arms and detachable accessories tuck neatly out of sight, leaving only the mirror to reflect users’ success over time.


We began with user research and an audit of existing home resistance training offerings, and it uncovered some big challenges to solve: Resistance training (vs. other exercise options) is underrated. Resistance machines were intimidating and overwhelmingly masculine. There was not a good way to personalize or track progress. The existing tech aesthetic of machines did not fit harmoniously into the home. And there was no acknowledgement of the human need for motivation and reinforcement throughout the strength-building process.

Our strategy was to blend the best real-time support and community, (typically only found in expensive classes), with the best functionality and home-friendly design (that largely did not exist) to help people seamlessly integrate better strength and wellness into their lives.


Thanks to a large high-resolution digital display and touchscreen, FORME Life provides an immersive gym experience at home. Virtual fitness and wellness classes include weight training, barre, kickboxing, yoga, meditation and more. AI technology creates a personalized regimen and automatically sets weights for resistance training with pre-recorded classes and trainers on screen. Meanwhile, FORME’S live classes with trainers help modify user form and act as a partner during the workout.

For the design, a simple black outline surrounds a mirrored display, while ergonomic, extruded arms are easily adjustable through a functional button placed at its midpoint to quickly facilitate exercise change. Accessories have been thoughtfully crafted, as well, with both sides featuring expanding pullies, pull-up bars, ankle straps and adjustable arms that can be tuned to accommodate pushing, pulling, and lifting movements from different angles. Once the workout’s complete, the weight-training arms fold behind FORME’S mirrored surface, while the accessories neatly tuck away in a sliding accessories box behind the slim profile of the mirror. Moreover, the hidden resistance system can be engaged for anaerobic exercises—perfect for physical therapy and strength training—while a ballet barre can be added for pliés and élèves.


The FORME user interface serves as an important tool for motivation and was designed to get you into the best workout for you quickly and easily.

The fuseproject XD team designed the workout UI with simple and easy-to-understand graphics that shows your progress within each exercise as well as the overall workout. We created a simple grid system to visualize the sets and reps of each exercise that clearly shows users their progress and keeps them motivated throughout their workout. In workout adjustments and settings were designed to be easy-to-reach and easy-to-tap even during the most brutal arm workouts.

For users who want total control over their regimen, we designed an intuitive browse and filter navigation. Select an activity and users will see a preview for each workout. Seeing a preview will help them choose the right workout quickly and confidently. If users want even more control they can easily adjust the length of session, the level of difficulty, or their favorite trainer. For users who are motivated by setting goals, we designed a motivational system that allows users to set personal goals with a focus on building muscle, endurance, or weight loss and FORME will help them adhere to it.

Aided by machine learning and AI, FORME Life can recommend the perfect trainer for you, class-level, and set the weight resistance automatically for each exercise. It will even automatically adjust as your fitness levels change over time. The station also leverages advanced 3D motion tracking technology to provide expert guidance on form and technique, creating an additional layer of safety and personalization.


The fuseproject brand team developed the FORME name, brand direction, logo and monogram. The name FORME is taken from “forme,” in French - rather than glorifying the old-fashioned obsession with muscles, it emphasizes the body’s natural shape and celebrates doing things right for one’s own body and mind. A beautiful letterform was chosen to reflect strength and flexibility, while the monogram has a fluid body-like elegance.



  • International Design Awards

    • Gold - Outdoor and Exercise Equipment - Exercise Equipment, 2021
  • Dezeen Awards

    • Longlist - Product Design, 2020
  • Spark Awards

    • Gold Winner - Health Category, 2020

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