Fanhattan and fuseproject partnered at every step of the creative process to build the ultimate entertainment experience. At its core, Fan TV is about you—about fans getting the most out of their entertainment. Instead of a clunky cable box or DVR system hidden in the cabinet, Fan TV is designed for display.


Fanhattan came to fuseproject with a terrific foundation. A great online experience that aggregates movies and TV from a variety of streaming sources, and an interface that allows people to pivot off of any actor, director, or genre to discover new content. The ask was to develop a new proprietary piece of hardware to take this experience onto the big screen, the TV.

The foundation of the strategy was simple: bring back the magic of entertainment by designing a system that put the focus back on the content, not the service, the interface, or the complicated remote control. We defined guiding experience attributes based on insights and inputs from heavy users of streaming services and a thorough experience audit of the business, brand, and technology landscape.

The design strategy drove the development of a radically simplified device experience. A magical touchscreen remote that lets the user keep their eyes where they should be: glued to the screen. A set top box that is modern, simple and unobtrusive in the home. And most importantly, a user experience that brings a long-lost simplicity and magic back to movie night.


Fan TV's small remote responds to the subtlest touch, simply tap or swipe to navigate your movies and shows. Mimicking nestled stones, the box and remote fit together with the use of magnets, ensuring the remote has a place where it can be found again. Everything about Fan TV is about cohesiveness between hardware and user interface. While others still look at these elements separately, Fanhattan and fuseproject

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