Danese Kada Stool & Farallon Chair

With Danese, we were challenged to create furniture that keeps up with modern technology while maintaining the refined sophistication of a classic Italian company. More than just a dining chair, Farallon (inspired by the Farallon islands) simplifies the clutter of technology, creating new surfaces for changing needs. With the KADA stool, we created a versatile product that encompassed the conveniences of modern technology as well as adapted to the different living situations of apartments and homes.


The Farallon's simple bent tubing and fabric-sleeve construction can be seen as a descendent of the classic 50's Italian tube chair. The simple, clever design brings a sense of adaptability to seating through functions created directly from its continuous fabric seat. Only this time around, its functions have been adapted for our new personal technologies ... as well as the old newspaper too. The KADA is a transforming home product: from stool to side table, and even charging hub, it ships flat as folded panels and becomes structural origami, acquiring strength when folded. Kada is an exploration of our multi-faceted lives, and its flexibility and multiple usages are made to adapt and transform in ways that acknowledge our varied and changing needs.



  • iF Award

    • Danese Frallon, 2009
  • Red Dot Design Award

    • Danese Kada Chair, 2007
  • Spark Award

    • Danese Kada Chair, Gold, 2007


  • Brooklyn Museum

    • Kada Stool
    • Permanent Collection, 2010
    • Brooklyn, New York

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