Canal+ Le Cube

Le Cube was an opportunity to challenge the status quo of set top boxes, fusing well-integrated technologies and design for a new TV experience. We were given the opportunity to rethink the entire system; the receiver, the remote and the TV graphical interface all as one integrated family.


The integrated system brings information, personal preferences and communication to the living room before one has turned on the TV. Le Cube is designed from every angle; it is a sharp black and white monolith, with a "cube" display that provides information even when the TV is off, a new level of web-connected interaction that creates a new dialogue between Canal+ and its subscribers.


The design details are tuned down to the smallest textures and vent holes, its versatile horizontal and vertical orientations allow Le Cube to neatly fit in any environment. Merging design and innovation, Le Cube is a first step towards a media platform that combines the television, the Internet and information into a new experience.



  • IDEA Award

    • Bronze - Canal+ LeCube, 2011
  • CES Innovation Awards

    • Canal+ LeCube, 2011
  • Spark Award

    • Silver - Canal+ LeCube, 2010
  • GOOD Design Award

    • Canal+ LeCube, 2009
  • iF Award

    • Canal+ LeCube, 2009
  • IDEA Award

    • Silver - Canal+ LeCube, 2009

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