Welcome to the homey future

Welcome to the homey future

When the August Smart Lock hit stores one year ago, our goal was to completely reimagine the way we experience our homes – change the paradigm around home access and control. One year later, this vision is being realized in an even more profound way: through an entire ecosystem of products that will transform the way we experience home access.

The heart of the new ecosystem is August Access, a platform for 3rd party services like home deliveries, laundry pick-up or dog walkers, to work directly with you for seamless home entry. To make this possible, and to enhance your day-to-day experience of the lock, we’ve designed the August Doorbell Cam and the August Smart Keypad, as well as a new August Smart Lock.

As the name implies, the August Doorbell Cam is a device that replaces your existing doorbell, and provides full visibility to any activity at your front door. Motion sensors trigger a camera built into the device, allowing you to see and speak to someone at your door. You can grant access, unlock the Smart Lock, and watch your guest enter or leave a package from a single August screen, wherever you are. The August Smart Keypad allows for access even without a smart phone, letting you, your guests or August Access delivery partners enter with personalized one-time-use or permanent codes.

With one August ecosystem of products, the entire home access experience is transformed.

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