The Smallest and Smartest Lock Ever

The Smallest and Smartest Lock Ever

Yves Behar co-founded August with Jason Johnson 7 years ago with the mission to reinvent home access. During that time, fuseproject has worked in collaboration with August on a wide range of product, brand, packaging, and experience design. After launching 9 door entry locks, cameras, and keypads, we are thrilled to announce the latest category-defining August product: the completely re-imagined, smallest sized smart lock ever, and always connected August Wi-Fi Smart Lock.

Designed and engineered from the ground-up, this new flagship smart lock is the most advanced on the market. 2 years in development, the new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock achieves an exceptional balance of features and functionality with a form factor the size of a doorknob. It is August’s smallest, most comprehensive smart lock to date. With Wi-Fi connection built-in (no additional bridge needed), the lock offers the highest level of smart software, without the bulk of the previous generations. Close collaboration between the August and fuseproject teams delivered a compact design impressively 45% smaller in volume and 20% slimmer than the previous pro model (see below). This significant decrease in size and the addition of on-board wi-fi and the latest technology makes the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock a perfect solution for any smart home.

The August design principles have always called for high-quality materials and finishes, which ensures performance, durability, and matches the expectations of premium hardware. For this latest generation lock, in addition to metals such as anodized aluminum and steel, we also have detailed ownable design elements for a next-generation look and feel. The most noticeable design change is the face of the lock, which accesses the batteries and integrates LED status lights behind the August badge.

The softer surface transitions and rounded edges, as well as the textured ridges on the surround of the lock, is a refinement that invites tactility when rotated manually. Lastly, you’ll notice a new August badge which visually helps identify if the device is locked or not.

Like all of our August home products, the new lock is powered by our 5 star-rated August app, granting users the ability to secure and monitor their house from anywhere in the world with their phone. The lock provides users remote access with unlimited guest keys, the ability to lock and unlock their door, and to always know who’s coming and going. They can also remotely check the status of their door at any time: open, closed, locked or unlocked thanks to August’s DoorSense technology. Easy to install, the lock attaches to the door’s existing deadbolt so users can keep their original keys, and requires no adjustments to the exterior of the door hardware. Besides remote access functionality, its Wi-Fi-enabled capabilities include voice assistant compatibility and integration with major hosting platforms and home security systems.

With the new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, August continues to make the smart home an accessible reality, providing never before experienced intelligence, awareness, and security at your door.

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