Staying connected – smartwatch designed just for kids

Staying connected – smartwatch designed just for kids

Technology is changing all the time, and it’s now more important than ever for parents to be able to stay connected to their children as they grow up and become more independent.

Our design work started with questions and explorations around how we can empower children to explore, express themselves, and play but simultaneously allow parents to stay in-the-know. How can the design of a smartwatch encourage kids to interact with the world around them, but enable them to do it within a fun and safe digital environment? Is there a way to customize how they cautiously take their first steps into the digital world?

The answer is Neo, a game-changing and cutting edge smartwatch experience designed with Vodafone for kids but with connectivity and parental control at top of mind.

The smartwatch’s 45-degree angled watch face provides an improved viewing angle, reducing strain on the wrist and over-articulation of the arm.

An elastomeric button is ergonomically positioned at the top corner of the screen and serves as the primary action button for all of Neo’s basic functions: camera shutter, sending messages, alerting family members of location, and making quick calls. The button’s location also provides a comfortable way to take pictures using the front-facing camera.

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