Robotic furniture to live smart

Robotic furniture to live smart

While micro living spaces enable developers to provide more housing options in dense urban environments, and allow renters and buyers affordability and a smaller carbon footprint, they clearly lack the advantages for life’s different accommodations that larger apartments provide. A team of MIT engineers saw this as an opportunity – how do we maximize our use of these spaces, providing the experience of luxury living without the luxury of size? Better yet, what if your living space could physically transform to create any environment you need? We teamed up with Ori to design a system of robotic furniture: transformable units that can turn 200-300 square feet into a bedroom, living room, home office and closet.

The Ori team built the technology – actuators, electronics and software to glide heavy furniture and connect it to other smart devices – our goal was to find a single unit scenario that would maximize the value of a micro studio or one bedroom apartment. The inaugural design for Ori does just this: a single unit can transform into a bedroom, office, and living room, all with the touch of a button. Users can magically transform and move the heavy unit as though it was weightless, and a corresponding app lets you rearrange the settings from anywhere.

The way we experience our living spaces, and maybe one day offices too, now has the ability go past the static structural elements of the past. This is the power of Ori and its design – benefiting everyone involved by providing magical experiences, with functionality that alters our day-to-day lives. Powered by Ori, will make studio city living a practical, comfortable and beautiful experience.

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