Raise your healing vibration

Raise your healing vibration

While we may be unable to fully control the challenging emotions that can come with everyday life, the new Opus SoundBed is a beautifully designed object with underlying technology that supports users with the right physical environment, wellness product, and emotional support for stress reduction, nervous system regulation, and overall mindfulness. Its geometric form factor creates a unique furniture object with discrete technology hidden within its core.

Engineered to envelop the body like a cocoon, the vibration modules embedded into the triangles have the power to ease the user towards a desired emotional state. 

Taking cues from refined furniture, the understated but warm palette of softened natural tones creates a relaxing backdrop for the Opus experience, free of distracting elements.

The SoundBed experience merges Spatial Sound and Vibration with personalized healing practices has been shown to reduce stress, regulate the nervous system, and facilitate reliable access to deep meditative states.

Read more about the Opus SoundBed and reserve yours here!

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