February 21, 2019

Through the last two decades, our team at fuseproject has learned that there are infinite opportunities to improve the world around us through design.

We strive to use our work to strengthen connections and elevate the human experience, regardless of the scale of the project or the audience who we are designing for. We know how important it is to look at both our own communities and the larger world, to see how design can serve a purpose and fulfill a need for the lives of people everywhere.

That’s why fuseproject partnered with the non-profit Project Color Corps, an organization that believes in the power of color as a change agent, bringing well-being and energy into urban communities. Together, we met with children at the Willie Mays Boys and Girls Club in Hunters Point to discover what colors and images they found most appealing.

Taking the children’s feedback, we developed a unique color palette to create a mural design just for them. We then painted a barren wall on the side of the Willie Mays Boys and Girls Club in Hunters Point building, bringing to life the children’s vision with a beautiful work of art that they pass by every day.

Through Project Color Corps, our partnership with the Willie Mays Boys and Girls Club in Hunters Point allowed us to give voice to the kids’ vision and encouraged them to take an active role in creative expression. We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to further our mission of creating design that improves lives, makes a positive impact on the world around us, and inspires people to discover why design matters.

Learn more and donate to Project Color Corps here