Mission Motors now on display at LA’s Petersen Museum

Mission Motors now on display at LA’s Petersen Museum

The world’s most innovative electric motorcycles are going on view at LA’s Petersen Automotive Museum. The institution’s latest show, “Electric Revolutionaries,” opens to the public today and will spotlight the world’s most innovative electric bikes and the disruptive designers who created them.

fuseproject’s design of Mission Motors, a high-performance bike augmented by electric power first revealed in 2009, balances innovation with tradition to overcome the stigma of a silent ride. Read more about our team’s design and development of Mission Motors as well as the brand design, collateral, and name here.

Petersen’s Executive Director Terry L. Karges said in a statement, “This new display gives a unique and close-up look at the innovative machines and the creators behind them pushing the boundaries of motorcycle electrification and design. The detail, level of craftsmanship, and unorthodox thinking behind these electric motorcycles make them must-sees.”

Tickets to the curated electric moto exhibition can be purchased here.

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