Lost and found

Lost and found

That awful feeling of losing an important item: the Tile team and fuseproject partnered to design it out of our lives.

With the Tile Bluetooth network, all it takes to keep track of items is to stick the Tile technology to the things we don’t want to lose. The design work started with explorations and questions as to how this tracking network can serve us with our everyday items. What are the new form factors that reflect daily scenarios and use cases? What will be thin enough to slip into my passport or sketchbook? What is small enough to track my bike, purse, and that sentimental winter coat?

The answer is two new versions: Tile Slim, the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracking device, and Tile Mate, an updated version of the original Tile product with a 25% size reduction. With beautiful forms, upgraded materials and finishes, and simple tactile interactions, these new Tile products are one’s best designed allies.


Tile Slim is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracking device – at barely 2 millimeters thick, it’s about the size of two stacked credit cards. This makes it perfect for wallets, but also your passport, notebook or jacket pocket. The matte white surface is subtly patterned, with a button in the center to trigger your phone in case it’s missing. The other new offering, Tile Mate, decreases the size of the original Tile product by 25%, with a quality matte finish and increased tactility. Mate can hook on to almost anything, from your keys and backpack or purse, to a bike or travel luggage. While the designs look minimal, the complexity lies within – both products hold batteries that last over one year, with powerful full-volume speakers, and signature Tile Bluetooth technology.

And the most exciting part? Tile Slim and Mate will increase the millions within the Tile network in the world – if someone in the network passes by your lost item, the location shows up on your phone. And that means more stories of ‘Lost and Found’ that would have never happened before.

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