Home view

Home view

Continuing the success of the Hive Active Heating Thermostat, which launched in 2015, we worked with Hive on their ecosystem of accessible and beautiful smart home products; our latest design is the Hive View – a new indoor security camera that detaches from its stand for maximum versatility.

The design and user experience process brought numerous other utilities than just security: the magnetic snap-on camera can be detached from its sculptural stand for easy moving and placing. The sculptural aluminum arm extends up to hold the small cubed camera and carries power through the magnetic connector.

While the “Grab and Go” functionality allows recording anywhere, the camera also provides wide viewing angles. The lens has a full 130 degree angle, and the spinning base, leaf-like curvature of the arm, and camera attachment enable users to cover the angles they want – meaning it will fit anywhere in the home and provide the recording needed.

Between Hive View, the Hive Active Heating Thermostat, and their additional ecosystem of accessible connected home products, the Hive brand is a force in the smart home market. Through our design work and collaboration, we aspire to design technology in the home that is accessible: making our homes connected in discreet experiences and elegant designs.

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