Connecting data flow across healthcare

Connecting data flow across healthcare

Disjointed experiences in communications, billing, and care have created a need to reimagine traditional payer-provider practices. Opala began as a way to bring collaboration to a naturally self-interested and siloed system.

Opala called on fuseproject to design their new brand identity. The solution was a brand defined by it’s modern simplicity, agility, and boldness to set a new precedent for the healthcare payer/provider ecosystem.

Opala’s logo is a continuous gradient line wordmark connecting the “o” and the “p” to represent a seamless collaboration between payer/providers. fuseproject designed their identity with a modern and playful bright yellow and black color palette to differentiate Opala from the noise of outdated healthcare systems. The new brand system, designed to make the experience feel simple and easy, captures their position in the market as an innovative, self-aware, and agile organization.

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