Clothing that moves you

Clothing that moves you

For many aging adults, the primary reason for entering assisted living is due to mobility issues – something as simple as sitting and standing can become a major challenge as our muscles weaken with age. However, a start-up called Seismic – birthed in the robotics lab at SRI in Palo Alto – may have a profound solution.

Premiering today at the prestigious Design Museum of London as part of ‘The New Old’ exhibition is our initial concept for ‘powered clothing’ – the Seismic Powered Suit. With motors, sensors, and artificial intelligence embedded into a lightweight and flexible fabric, the Seismic Powered Suit provides support for the user’s torso, hips and legs. It reacts to the body’s natural movements, adding muscle power to naturally complement the user’s strength in getting up, sitting down or staying upright.

Powered Clothing has the clear ability to expand and extend our human potential, providing strength and confidence to participate fully and richly in the world.

Expanding the social lives of an aging population, and extending the window during which they can remain independent, active, and connected, is what Seismic and Fuseproject are enabling in the immediate future; smart, yet friendly – and invisible – connected wearables that represent the future of movement, with profound physical and emotional benefits.

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