A new idea

A new idea

Anyone in the design industry knows how important your network is – and the network we designers have always relied upon is the Industrial Designers Society of America. IDSA is a reference for all of us when it comes to getting design news, meeting other designers, and for IDEA – the International Design Excellence Awards. IDEA is an award made by designers, for designers. To reflect the multidisciplinary and evolving nature of the industry, we worked with IDSA to create a new identity for IDEA and design a new trophy.

From a design standpoint, differentiating the IDSA from the IDEA meant building weight and structure to the individual letters of IDEA, each a representation of the different disciplines of design. The magic is in how these letters come together: just like a design solution is a beautiful puzzle, each letter of I-D-E-A can be viewed individually or assembled into a beautiful composition.

The IDEA trophy is the pure physical manifestation of this branding concept. Each letter assembles together into a perfect cube, as a nod to the playfulness and iterative process of design. This trophy is truly symbolic of the award – an award with which designers from across the globe and a range of design practices can celebrate and play.

With this new identity and trophy, we hope to show the beautiful, cohesive, evolving, flexible, playful, iterative, eccentric, wonderful world of design – and indicate the bright future of our ever-changing industry.

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