OLPC XO Laptop

Education means a chance for a better life. But for the majority of the children in the developing world, access to education remains difficult. fuseproject worked with the One Laptop Per Child foundation to create a low-cost laptop specifically adapted to children and their environment.

The OLPC XO laptop (also dubbed the $100 laptop) is an iconic machine that was designed with the children in mind from start to finish. The XO Laptop needed to be small and light for children, but sturdy and robust to ensure durability and to prevent damage from natural elements and years of use. Because the laptop is for children, the aesthetics needed to appeal to children and distinguish and identify itself as the OLPC XO Laptop. Designed for intended use by millions of children, XO Laptop needed to be resilient, easily portable and energy efficient. Design brings incredible value to the function, experience and feel of this object, and specifically, a design that is expressive at the same time (like the fun rabbit ears). OLPC XO, proved the real impact the OLPC mission will have for kids worldwide: a new dignity and pride to possess their own education, communication and entertainment tool, making the XO a true industry game changer.


  • IF Product Design Award, 2006
  • Chicago Athenaeum, 2006
  • International Design Awards, Category Winner, 2007
  • International Design Awards, Sub-Category Winner, 2007
  • Wallpaper Award, Most Life-Enhancing Item, 2007
  • INDEX Community Award, 2007
  • D&AD Award, 2007
  • Concepts Award, 2007
  • Spark Award, Spark, 2007
  • IDSA Business Week, Gold Award, 2008
  • Red Dot Design Award, 2008
  • London Design Museum's Brit Insurance Design of the Year, 2008
  • IF Award, 2009
  • Spark Award, Silver, 2009
  • IDSA Design of the Decade, Solution to a Developing World Social Problem, 2010