August Smart Lock

What August and fuseproject set out to do was simple yet profound – to reimagine the old lock-and-key system and create a home-entry experience that is both seamless and secure. Our aim from the beginning was to create a product that is functionally and visually integrated into the home. Not an eyesore, not a tech product that calls for attention. Instead we designed August as a trusted and reliable lock, whose physical and digital presence is about discretion and not interruption. It is “safe” as it allows encrypted control of the door to it’s owners, it is “simple” to live with for all members of the household, and “social” as it is easy to invite family, friends and services to be a part of home life.

The August Smart Lock allows us control of our door, and automatic access in a discreet and everyday life way. Every part of the design and experience of August says “You’re invited”.

Partnering with entrepreneur Jason Johnson, we saw the opportunity to leverage the decreasing cost of connectivity and automation with the ubiquity of smartphones to deliver a whole new take on the door lock. One that is smart, discreet, and allows a new level of control.

We built a strategic framework for designing the brand and experience, focused on delivering what other advanced lock solutions (RFID, keypad, biometrics) could not—a value proposition of simplicity, control, ease of installation and use. The brand personality and tone were crafted to be approachable and extensible as a consumer brand for the home.

The result is a compelling offering that stands out in this increasingly competitive category for its clarity and consumer friendly design and communications.

The name August is both solid, secure yet meant to evoke a sense of place. A lazy, late summer day. A time and place where everything was simple, worry-free and peaceful. The newly designed logo and brand experience for August was created to work across and the August brand touch points to subtlety imply these feelings.

As fuseproject set out to create to create the brand system for August we knew it had to work seamlessly across all the August brand touch points from app, to web, to the physical products. It needed to be friendly yet modern, clean yet warm, thoughtful yet simple. We started by designing a logo that looks back to classic Italian furniture brands to create a feeling of something that lives in the home, but also forward to the digital age. The logo relates not only to the physical lock but also the sun. With the “a” of August cutting through the silhouette of the circle we have created a bold classic brand mark that works across all the August brand touch points.

The August experience starts with the packaging – it’s lid opens like a door with a few words printed inside that simply say, “You’re Invited.” The contents are surprisingly minimal, a few adaptors and mounting plates, and an installation manual. There are no screws in the box as we minimized the amounts of steps for installation with a clever mechanism that mounts the lock to the door. The lock itself reflects the circular shape of the logo, with the branding insignia discreetly placed on the front and side.

The August Smart Lock app is the key digital touch point for the August experience. The app is designed to work seamlessly with the August lock to deliver a new experience for you, your home, your family and friends. Using the same encryption technology as high-security banks, the lock recognizes your phone as you approach your door and can automatically unlock the door. You can also send “digital keys” to friends, visitors, dog-walkers, nannies, or anyone you'd like, either granting full or partial access in specific time slots. It is as easy as sending a text message. The app has a social component, allowing you to leave notes for your guests. As visitors enter and exit your home, a notification gets sent to you, allowing for seamless home access and management.

There’s no need to replace the existing deadbolt or retrofit the door; our designs are a discreet add-on to the inside of the door only. Every elements of the design were though with restraint and quality in mind: Made of aluminum with a discreet display visible only though laser etched micro perforations, a battery door hidden behind a magnetic cover, etched knurled textures to indicate where the hand manually turns the lock, CNC machined notch and logos that indicate the direction of the lock. It is right sized for the hand, and it’s gearing system creates a mechanical advantage that makes locking and unlocking effortless. The product is also designed to fit-in with home decor, with 4 color options to complement different styles, and a simple cylindrical look that can fit anywhere.


  • IDEA, Packaging & Graphics, Silver, 2015
  • Professional Notable, Core77, 2015
  • Architizer A+ Award, 2015
  • D&AD, In Book, 2014
  • International Design Awards, Gold, 2013
  • Red Dot Product Design Award, 2014
  • SPARK Awards, Best of Spark, 2013