August Smart Lock

Humanity has been carrying keys, sharp pieces of metal in our pockets, for 200 years…it's time we think of something else. The August system consists of an attractive smart lock device that installs on the interior side of existing deadbolts, and a mobile app that allows authorized users to access the property. The existing deadbolt can still be unlocked with a physical key, and the lock can still be opened and closed by hand from the inside. You can specify exactly when individual visitors will have access to your home, and you can disable a visitor’s access at any time.

It used to be that your front door was a place where you fumbled around, looking for the right key, or worse, a place where you worried about whom you might find inside. The answers to these problems were dull: home security systems that were fear-inducing or hard to use, or a pocket-full of metal keys that weren’t egonomic. Our solution was to not only create a new product platform, but to define a new product category: the smart lock. The August smart lock brought an entirely new meaning to the home security category—making home entry a social, simple, safe place. Following the success of August, the smart lock category has grown exponetially and players are striving to keep up with August’s dynamic and category-breaking product feature set.

Partnering with entrepreneur Jason Johnson, we saw the opportunity to leverage the decreasing cost of connectivity and automation with the ubiquity of smartphones to deliver a whole new take on the door lock. One that is smart, discreet, and allows a new level of control.

We built a strategic framework for designing the brand and experience, focused on delivering what other advanced lock solutions (RFID, keypad, biometrics) could not—a value proposition of simplicity, control, ease of installation and use. The brand personality and tone were crafted to be approachable and extensible as a consumer brand for the home.

The result is a compelling offering that stands out in this increasingly competitive category for its clarity and consumer friendly design and communications.

The name August is both solid, secure yet meant to evoke a sense of place. A lazy, late summer day. A time and place where everything was simple, worry-free and peaceful. The newly designed logo and brand experience for August was created to work across and the August brand touch points to subtlety imply these feelings.

As fuseproject set out to create to create the brand system for August we knew it had to work seamlessly across all the August brand touch points from app, to web, to the physical products. It needed to be friendly yet modern, clean yet warm, thoughtful yet simple. We started by designing a logo that looks back to classic Italian furniture brands to create a feeling of something that lives in the home, but also forward to the digital age. The logo relates not only to the physical lock but also the sun. With the “a” of August cutting through the silhouette of the circle we have created a bold classic brand mark that works across all the August brand touch points.

In addition to the logo we created a brand and identity system made up of colors and fonts that also hint at those days of summer; from watery blues, to warm earth tones, to the heat of a late August day the palette and brand system is designed to be flexible yet subtle and work for the August brand as it grows and evolves over time.

The August Smart Lock app is the key digital touch point for the August experience. The app is designed to work seamlessly with the August lock and ecosystem to deliver a new experience for you, your home and your family and friends. The Internet of Things is changing the way we interact with our homes and the future of home security shouldn't need old-fashioned metal keys. The app and website that fuseproject created gives you and your friends seamless access to your home by simply inviting people to the August experience on your phone or the web. For the home owner, it provides seamless access to your home. Just walk up to your house and it knows it's you and opens the door. It also allows you to give people complete access to your home via the their August app and even let’s you set permissions for limited access for people like your dog walker. Both easy to use to use and social the app allows you easy set-up, invitations to your home and even lets you leave notes for friends at the house you are visiting.

To re-enforce the simplicity of the experience we created a very easy to use architecture and look and feel for the app. Clean and friendly, the August app and website provide simple controls and set up for your August lock. The main interaction was designed around the August circle that evokes both the lock and the logo. The app and website were also designed together with the lock so the August brand has a cohesive feel that bridges the gap between physical and digital. Designed to become your new “keychain” the August digital experience fulfills the promise of seamless, invisible access to your home in the digital age.

August is installed on the interior side of your door using a total of five screws. Installation typically takes less than ten minutes and requires nothing more than a screwdriver. There is no need to re-key or permanently modify your existing lock system. The August Smart Lock is designed to give users a safe, simple, and social way to share access to their home while also aiming to blur the lines between Home Automation and Home Decor.


  • SPARK Awards, Best of Spark, 2013